Quality Policy

HEB (I) Ltd., has established, implemented and maintaining an integrated policy appropriate (i) to its purpose and context supporting the strategic direction, (ii) for providing a framework for setting Q&E Objectives, (iii) for including a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements and (iv) for including a commitment to continual improvement of its Q&E Management Systems.

Integrated Management System Policy

(Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health & Safety Policy)

We commit ourselves to:

  • Excel in the field of Battery manufacture and be a preferred Power source supplier.
  • Meet the customer requirements with continual improvements in our products and services by constantly upgrading our processes and human resources.
  • Identify and address the risks related to the stake holders as Appropriate.
  • Improve our environmental performance continually by implementing measures to reduce emissions, effluents, and solid waste.
  • Optimize the use of resources by minimizing waste generation by means of recovery, recycle and reuse.
  • Train and motivate our human resources to be environmentally responsible so as to protect the environment.
  • Provide the employees safe and healthy working conditions by preventing work related injury and ill health.
  • Improve the Occupational Health & Safety performance continually by controlling Occupational Health & Safety risks using the hierarchy of control.
  • Fulfill applicable compliance obligations, legal and other requirements.
  • Ensure effective participation of all employees in Occupational Health & Safety activities.
  • Make this policy available to all the relevant interested parties.

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